Gratitude List 1091: A Travel Companion, Comté, Gift Buying, a Perfect Shirt, and Staying Alive

  1. Aidan is a great travel companion, even if he does ask to be let out in the middle of the bleakest nowhere to photograph a torn up A&W when all I want to do is race home to our cats.

  2. I discovered cave aged Comté, a French cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk. It’s wonderful.

  3. I’m actually finding Christmas presents for family with relatively little stress this year. Gift buying is usually my kryptonite.

  4. After years looking for a very particular deep red and soft mustard plaid shirt, I found it. I found it! I put it on in the change room, saw that it was good, and declared myself handsome.

  5. I didn’t tell anybody before this, but on my way to another city this last weekend, a semi pulled out to cross the highway in front of me without looking. I had to swerve to avoid it and certain death. I DIDN’T DIE. The adrenaline from that moment dripped through my system for ages after. I may still be recovering.

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