Gratitude List 1090: Stripes, Video Games, Pizza, Kitty Cuddles, and Marianne Faithfull

1. A much-needed restful weekend included watching classic comedies like Stripes. Below is Harold Ramis’ amazing hairdo from the movie. His entire hair is feathered.


2. Aidan played video games, and I watched him play video games, and I did not guilt myself for not working every second seven days a week. Growth!


3. Pizza. This one was beef, bacon, onion, and asiago cheese.


4. A belly-up Augie purring while I whisper sweet nothings to him is never not great.


5. And I spent a couple of hours with quiet journaling and doodling while listening to the new Marianne Faithfull album, Negative Capability, on repeat. It’s a vulnerable and melancholic album, but it feels whole and fulfilling.


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