Gratitude List 1089: Generous Making, a Warm Coat, Garlic Biscuits, Being Seen, and Hot In Cleveland

  1. When I went for a walk today, I walked through the park downtown and saw all these handknit scarves tied to the trees. Each one had a card attached from Angels4WarmthSK that read “I am not lost! Take me if you’re cold!”. Our homeless and poverty rates have been rising here, and this is such a kind action to take. This is community.

  2. I decided that maybe I could handle walking into the mall — it’s anxiety-inducing to crowd myself into perfumed, binary spaces with salespeople who keep trying to (shudder) talk to me — and it turned out that all the winter coats were on sale, so I was able to score one that will let me get out to do more walking when the weather turns to -20°C/-4°F to -40°C/°F and beyond. No more being trapped by the weather.

  3. I changed up my biscuits by adding a clove of minced garlic to the recipe, and they turned out brilliantly.

  4. A couple of friends reached out recently out of the blue to see how I was doing, and I’m so touched each time. It’s so good to be reminded that you’re seen, and I’m grateful for them.

  5. Bingeing Hot In Cleveland is my new letting go. Some distractions can be sweet respite.

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