Gratitude List 1088: Onion's Late Night Company, NaBloPoMo, Candy Sales, St. John's Wort, and Piano for Elephants

a cat sitting on top of a cube lamp, lit creepily from below
  1. Onion keeps me company when I’m working late hours. He comes off as pretty creepy in this photo, but… nah, he’s actually pretty creepy sometimes. I’m sure this is loving behaviour, though, right?

  2. I’ve decided to do NaBloPoMo! That’s National Blog Posting Month, which is an old school blogging thing from the internet olden times that asks you to post on your blog every day during November. This was something I had already decided to do for a number of reasons I’ll likely write about this month, but there must be something in the water, because my friends Asha Dornfest and Karen Walrond have also decided to do it. I think we’re ripe for a blogging revival, and I love that I’m not alone.

  3. Halloween means there will be bags of little candy bars on sale. It’s candy Christmas.

  4. St. John’s Wort. Don’t take it without talking to your doctor if you are on other medications, because it is contraindicated with certain treatments, but it’s saving me this fall. Thanks for making it, Earth.

  5. Paul Barton plays piano for blind elephants in Thailand, and I weep just thinking about it. This planet houses such incredible love and beauty, and we need to look at it, drink it up, and care for it like tender plant shoots.

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