Gratitude List 1087: A Brooch, Relative Wellness, Cliches, A Friend, and a Possible Superpower

  1. I found a secondhand fake cameo brooch today. When I was a little kid, adults would sometimes decide it was time for me to take a nap. I didn’t take naps, but I was an introvert who liked to snoop, so I’d happily pretend to lie down and then go through whatever dresser was in the room. Back then, cameo brooches were in just about every jewellery box, and one of my favourite sounds happened if there were two of them jostled together, their rough porcelain clacking and scraping like sharp chalk.

  2. After literal weeks of being sick and spending the last several days mostly in bed, I am nearly 100% well! It got so bad that I was googling for what symptoms meant I should go to emergency, but I pulled through in the nick of time.

  3. I try to work old cliches and colloquialisms out of my writing, but I secretly love them. Aidan once referred to my legs as “getaway sticks”, and who can argue against that? NO ONE.

  4. An out-of-town friend showed up, and we had lunch and a short secondhand shopping trip together. Not being in bed sick and getting to hang out with a cool person fixed today’s Monday-ness.

  5. I found the perfect pair of brown wool pants I had envisioned for myself but was sure I’d never find, and they were TWO DOLLARS. I had to yell that, because $2 for perfect brown wool pants is so good that I nearly believed in manifesting for a second. I wouldn’t mind if perfect pants manifestation were my superpower, though. I will continue to test my skills.

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