Gratitude List 1086: New Professional Portraits, Garlic, Blazers, the Visual Q Festival, and This Face

  1. I upgraded my iPhone to the Xs Max and decided it was time to test the camera with some professional portraiture. This was a long time coming, and they turned out pretty well.

  2. Garlic is my drug of choice for this cold, and it’s doing good work on my sore throat.

  3. Blazers exist. I love blazers. They make you look like you mean it whether you dress up or dress down, and people take you seriously. I’m not kidding. You should try it.

  4. I saw some amazing performances and films at Queer City Cinema’s latest festival, Visual Q: Resistance, Defiance, Protest, Action. If you’re in or around Regina, keep an eye on Queer City Cinema, because they bring incredible art and artists to this city every year.

  5. It’s weird to see my face there, aging as it is. There’s a younger face in my head, and it surprises me to see this one looking back, but I’m making friends with it. I like this person. They are stronger and kinder than they give themself credit for. It’s a good face.

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