Gratitude List 1084: Aidan Pretending, Cool Nights, Rejuvenation, Long Walks, and "Peregrination"

a man standing beneath a Lost Children sign at night at a festival
  1. Aidan pretended to be lost children at a festival.
  2. The nights are cool again.
  3. The incredible sleep that comes with cool nights is rejuvenating. I feel ten years younger.
  4. I've been walking kilometres almost every day. Mostly I do it because I'm playing Pokémon GO, and I have to get gym badges and join raids and other kinds of nonsense, but also it feels really good to feel my leg muscles make those little popping sensations when I finally sit down after a long peregrination.
  5. I forgot about the word "peregrination". It's delicious, isn't it?

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