Gratitude List 1082: Being Home, Seeing Beloveds, Feeling Stronger, Holding My People Up, and Gigantic Skies

  1. I have spent a lot of time on the road over the last month, and, while I loved travelling, it feels so good to be back home for the next long while.
  2. Even though I love being back home, it was fantastic to see some family and friends while I was away. Most of my beloveds live hundreds and hundreds of kilometres away from me, and seeing even a few of them made my summer.
  3. Seeing my people has grown my strength, and I'm feeling brighter, bolder, and set to kick at whatever darkness comes for me.
  4. This is good, because a few others of my people are going through some mildly rough to blinding pain, and being able to hold them up in what ways I can is a privilege.
  5. The skies are gigantic here, even in the middle of an urban alley.

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