Gratitude List 1081: Handwriting, Typing, a Notebook Cover, Wet Ink, and Ink-Stained Sheets

  1. Handwriting. Both Aidan and I still do a ton of writing by hand and each work our way through several notebooks at once.
  2. Typing. As much as I love the soft scratch of a pen across paper, the clicky clacking of a good set of keyboard keys makes writing words feel like playing a piano. 
  3. The distinct smell of Aidan's leather notebook cover. I secretly sniff it like I did men's shirt pockets full of tobacco when I was a little kid.
  4. The shine of wet ink under sunlight. The ink from his fountain pens stands out wet where the nib has flourished wider, and I like to watch it slowly sink into the paper while he thinks.
  5. The blue spot of ink stained into every one of our top sheets. His pens have stained every sheet we have, and, as ridiculously earnest and cheezy as it might sound, each spot is one of my favourite things.

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