Gratitude List 1079: New York, the Ehru, Linden Tree Flowers, a Surprise Message, and Not Being On Fire

  1. At this time last week I was in New York. I love New York.

  2. I had a deep well of sweet grief rise up into my eyes and throat while I listened to a group of Chinese musicians in Columbus Park. One sang while the others played ehru. I had no idea what they were saying, but it washed through me anyway.

  3. There are flowers in the baby linden trees across the street, and I feel almost parental about every little petal. I hope the bees find them.

  4. I was overwhelmed yesterday, unmoored, like I was drifting along the pavement. I was looking down at my feet as I went, and suddenly there was a piece of green painter's tape stuck to the sidewalk with We're Free! printed across in black marker.

  5. It is never true that the whole world is on fire.

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