Gratitude List 1076: Aidan's Tree, a Comedian, Patter, a Mouse, and Astounding Productivity

Aidan and his favourite tree
  1. When we took a quick trip to Winnipeg on the weekend, we were able to make a stop for one of Aidan's favourite trees on the way.
  2. We got to see the comedian Doug Stanhope live, which was pretty damn great.
  3. Sven and I developed a funny, teasing patter that made Aidan groan.
  4. The Apple Magic Mouse is an elegant tool, especially after a string of mediocre wireless mice that each quit working after a handful of months.
  5. You know how sometimes you feel like you're fighting against a current to try to get even simple tasks done, but then you have a day during which you get so much done it astounds you, even though you were there to witness it? I just had a day like that. It's deeply edifying.

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