Gratitude List 1074: The First Great Weekend, Aidan's Salad, Lapping Water, Happy Dogs, and Other People

  1. This last weekend was the first really gorgeous, non-winter weekend of 2018, so
  2. Aidan and I went out for lunch, and I ate the same salad as he did just to see more of what he experiences when we go out, how his food tastes, how it feels, and then
  3. we took a walk around the Wascana, where I got to listen to water lapping against rocks for the first time since the middle third of last year, and
  4. every dog we saw was owning every second of their time in the yellow sun as they gazed at other dogs and all their potential best friends, and
  5. I sat on a rock and listened to nearby couples and families speaking in at least a half dozen different languages while they fed the geese, and I wanted to take them all home.

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