Gratitude List 1071: A Love Wheedler, Free Steak, Spring, a Songbird, and a Light At the End of This World's Circus

  1. My nearly constant companion, Onion, and his goofy attempts at wheedling love out of me keeps me lighter.
  2. My parents came into town and bought me a steak dinner tonight. It was bloody, and it was bloody delicious.
  3. Yesterday, in the middle of April, there was another damn snow storm here, but today? It finally felt kind of like spring. The sun was out, we left our scarves at home, and I think I even heard a songbird.
  4. I heard a songbird!
  5. I feel like there's light at the end of this world's circus, to mix up some perfectly good metaphors. I could be completely wrong, but I feel like we might not all be apocalypsed by next week, which is a new kind of hopeful feeling I'm going to hang on to for the time being.

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