Gratitude List 1070: Bright Evenings, Tea, a Lap Kitty, Invoicing, and Ready Player One

  1. We're at the point in the year in Saskatchewan when the days are longer, which allows the evening light to stretch long and warm through the windows. Now I just have to overlook the piles of cat hair it reveals.
  2. I fell off the tea train for a few months, but I've recently found my way back to the joy of boiling water, watching the leaves rise and fall in my cup, and sipping through the steam for a few minutes. It's so restful.
  3. I have a kitty on my lap as I type this. It's Lula, and she's had a hard time feeling safe and safely loved, but about ten years in she's finally able to sit on my lap while I work. I have to pee, but I'm going to stay put for this one.
  4. I remembered to send out invoices! When you get into freelancing, you think about the great work you'll be doing and not the administrivia that comes along with it. Can I feel thankful about doing what I was supposed to be doing anyway? You bet.
  5. The world brought me the movie Ready Player One, and I don't care how faulty some of the things it asks us to accept are. I had a fantastic mental holiday.

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