#GraceInSmallThings 1051: A Tub Cat, Soft Clothing, a Thoughtful Friend, Nachos, and Indictments

  1. Oskar likes to sit in the tub with me and drink hot water until his feet get wet. It's weird but sweet.
  2. I have amassed a collection of the softest and most forgiving clothing. There is no other way to live.
  3. I have the flu, and a friend offered to come by with something. I turned her down, because I'm hoarding this flu all to myself, but the thoughtfulness made my heart melty.
  4. Homemade nachos with fresh, sweet onions and white cheddar are a thing that's happening in my house right now.
  5. Today the first indictments were handed out regarding shady dealings by the Trump administration and associates. I don't necessarily have faith that this will bring the whole mess down, but it feels so hopeful to see an attempt at justice in the world right now.

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