#GraceInSmallThings 1047: Fall, Biscuits, Kitties (Again), Clients, and Love

This is  Aidan  shooting flowers in his mother's garden.

This is Aidan shooting flowers in his mother's garden.

  1. It's fall! And my favourite weather is finally kicking in. It's warm enough that I don't always need a jacket, but it's cool enough that I can dress in layers and haul out my favourite clothing again.
  2. I no longer keep milk in the house, so I thought I couldn't make biscuits, but I discovered that my favourite basic biscuits recipe works identically with water. I ate them smothered with Cheez Whiz.
  3. All four of my kitties crawled into bed and snuggled up with me this morning. It was worth the extra half hour in bed.
  4. I got several things done for several clients today, and I enjoyed each piece of work. Good clients bring me so much happiness.
  5. I witnessed tons of people reaching out to their family and friends today. Some did it to check in after the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night, some because an old video of an uncle who died 26 years ago surfaced, some because there have just been too many losses for too many lately. There was so much visible love, and it was being passed around and shared all over without expectation of return. Thank you to everyone out there, both givers and receivers. We got this.

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