#GraceInSmallThings 1045: A Fixing, a Hot Lunch, a Juxtaposition, Tracy Chapman, and Real Hope

  1. Augie went to the vet on Monday morning to get neutered, and he was completely unfazed after I brought him back home. This means there will be, hopefully, no spraying and a happier Augie.
  2. I was able to take myself out for a hot lunch and a bit of a work break. I spent the whole hour listening to the workers talk shop while I ate their delicious tomato and black bean soup.
  3. The sun shone hot through a cooler breeze so that I could relish the heat on my arms and the coolness in my hair simultaneously.
  4. Tracy Chapman's first album is still incredible, and I've been singing along to "Fast Car" for over a week. 
  5. The real hope came back. I'd lost it with Trump and hurricanes and racism and sexism and fires and ageism and depression and bad dreams and whatnot else, but it's back. And I'm hanging on.

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