Grace in Small Things No. 997: My Work In the World, a Long Drive, Convent Inn, a Magic Place, and Home

I designed  this trade show popup banner  for SaskBooks.

I designed this trade show popup banner for SaskBooks.

  1. Some of my recent work — this time for SaskBooks — has made it into the physical world! Most of my work happens online, so it's always a bit of a thrill to see it as an actual physical object.
  2. Aidan and I took a long drive through southern Saskatchewan, which is incredible country to experience.
  3. We stayed at an ex-convent in Val Marie called Convent Inn that was built in 1939. It is seriously lovely with large bedrooms and even more expansive sitting areas, and I already want to go back.
  4. We went to a magical place, Old Man On His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area. It almost literally speaks to you, and I don't mean metaphorically.
  5. Arriving home to a three-kitty-strong welcoming committee and strong, regular wifi on one of the first colder days of the year is like being wrapped up in a cozy quilt. 

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