Grace in Small Things No. 995: A New Phone, an iPad Mini 2, Tig Notaro, Gratitude, and a Surprise Reward Program

  1. The iPhone I dropped in a public toilet stopped working, and now it's replacement has had some kind of system failure, but the tech at Apple Support was so helpful today that I stopped minding what a schmozzle it's been. My new phone arrives tomorrow!
  2. Because of my iPhone woes over the last couple of weeks, I have largely been without a camera at my side, but I tried out my iPad mini 2, and it doesn't do too badly if given decent conditions. (I used it to take that photo of Onion up there.)
  3. I have new-to-me "Boyish Girl Interrupted" from Tig Notaro queued up on CraveTV to look forward to when I can catch an hour or two.
  4. Today was tough. My head and heart needed a break, and the world was having none of it, but you know what? I can still write up this gratitude list and mean it. I think this is me showing signs of growth.
  5. I took the garbage out, did laundry, got dishes done, and then I discovered a bottle of lemonade I'd forgotten in the fridge. It's like past me set up a reward system for future me that now me can't remember setting up. Surprise!

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