Grace in Small Things No. 993: Aidan, the Prairies, Seclusion, Dairy Queen Blizzards, and Susan and Sarah

Aidan Morgan
  1. Aidan willingly goes for Pokémon walks with me, even though he doesn't play, and he's patient when I yell in public about there being too many Rattatas.
  2. I spent three hours driving alone across the prairies today, and it was beauty, beauty, beauty for, literally, as far as the could see.
  3. I spent three hours driving alone across the prairies today. It's such a blessed seclusion.
  4. I ate a cookie dough Dairy Queen Blizzard, and that stuff is downright medicinal.
  5. I met up with my friends Susan and Sarah, who flew in from Ontario, and I get to spend the next few days with them!

    Side story: I met Sarah way back in the 90s in Saskatchewan, and I met Susan online years later, and then they met each other completely independently from me thousands of miles away in Ontario and texted me a picture of them together a year or two ago. Surprise! The world is very small.

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