Grace in Small Things No. 990: New Glasses, a Summer Cold, The Tragically Hip, Travel, and Aidan

  1. I promise to stop buying black-framed glasses until I actually need a new pair of them, but these rectangular babies from Zenni Optical were too good to pass up.
  2. I am flat out with a summer cold, but I'm glad I have it bad today so that I will be up and ready to travel by Wednesday.
  3. I get to see The Tragically Hip in Edmonton this week. Follow this with 37 exclamation points, and we might approach my level of excitement.
  4. Travel will tear me away from watching too much about American politics for a few days. This can only do me good.
  5. Aidan has been so kind to me while I've been resting through this cold. He's cooked for me, tucked me in, and checked in with me to see how much more he can do. I almost feel guilty.

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