Grace in Small Things No. 987: Roller Derby, a Window Fan, Sleep, Bananas, and a Fresh Bar of Soap

  1. Shanan took me to my first roller derby at Pile O' Bones Derby Club. It looked very painful, I found out that I can get a contact adrenalin high, and I loved it.
  2. The second Bionaire window fan arrived this morning, and now my whole place feels airy and somehow brighter.
  3. I slept for seven hours last night. SEVEN. This hasn't happened in a while, and I feel amazing today.
  4. Bananas. Have I ever hailed the mighty banana before? If not, I should have.
  5. I have a fresh bar of tea tree oil soap to take into the shower with me right now. I am always the one who works away at the hairy slivers so we don't waste any, so a whole bar feels decadent. This isn't sad.

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