Grace in Small Things No. 986: a Shirt, a State of Fine Fettle, Writing, Oatmeal, and Productivity

  1. I went to a David Bowie film festival at the RPL Film Theatre, and I got this fab new t-shirt.
  2. I'm back on my feet. I was laid low by recent events for most of last week, but I'm back in fine fettle thanks to Aidan, good food, and sleep.
  3. I took time away from writing my #365poems series while I was down, but I'm back at it and have a number of drafts brewing.
  4. I remembered to put Aidan's slow cooker oatmeal away in the fridge before it spoiled. I never remember to do this, so this gets me a gold star.
  5. Have I mentioned how productive I'm being today? Because I'm being very productive. [dusts fingernails on shirt]

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