Grace in Small Things No. 983: Street Food, Rain, The Tragically Hip, a Bath, and a Podcast

 Edie at  Seed  during the street fair

Edie at Seed during the street fair

  1. I went to the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on Saturday and ate street food, and it was worth spending yesterday suffering the consequences.
  2. It rained, and it rained a lot! It's been so dry that it felt as though the rain was slaking a subterranean, animal thirst within me.
  3. I just scored 4 tickets to see The Tragically Hip in Edmonton!
  4. A hot bath with a cool breeze flowing in from the window is on the schedule.
  5. I love the Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People podcast. In my 20s, strangers used to sit down and tell me their stories on a regular basis, and I miss that.

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