Grace in Small Things No. 981: Health, Exercise, Idyllic Weather, Money, and a Muffin

I gave my flu to this guy, but he's almost over it now, too, thankfully.

  1. I am finally over that flu that tried to kill me over the last two weeks.
  2. Since I woke up feeling so much better, I got back on my exercise bike and rode it hard for 20 minutes. Feeling my muscles and my skin wake up felt wonderful.
  3. The weather is idyllic today. The sun is bright, it's warm without being too hot, and I can hear the city's summer sounds everywhere.
  4. I sizeable-ish client check came in today, which always makes me feel like I need to be rewarded. Gold star for me!
  5. Shoppers sells these chocolate chip muffins which are basically mini-cakes, and I ate one.

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