Grace in Small Things No. 974: More Light, World Poetry Day, a Desk Lamp, Laundry, and Waking Up

  1. Mornings are brighter as spring takes over.
  2. It's World Poetry Day! A local spot, Dr. Coffee's Cafe, is hosting #PayWithAPoem, so I'll be there working this afternoon.
  3. I finally found a desk lamp I like, so I won't be straining my eyes in the dark anymore when I work late.
  4. Aidan did the laundry. I can't even express how much this means to me this week.
  5. I dreamt that the singularity had occurred, but reality was now dictated by the Russians. It was an all-eras-of-my-life 1980s movie mashup that made my real Monday morning seem a little less harrowing.

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