Grace in Small Things No. 973: Old Books, Evening Light, Black T-shirts, a Neti Pot, and Noizio

  1. I took some time to thumb through old books today. They smell divine.
  2. The golden light of evening is my favourite light of all time. It disappears for months over winter, and so I'm grateful to be able to sit in it every day again.
  3. I bought a new batch of black t-shirts for summer. Fresh, black t-shirts make me look forward to getting dressed.
  4. The neti pot I've started using every day is making the inside of my face much happier, which is making the rest of my head much happier.
  5. Rain and thunder don't happen over winter here, which makes me miss them in a deeply physical way, so I'm running Noizio, an ambient sound app, to pretend there's a downpour going on.

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