Grace in Small Things No. 971: A Quiet Moment, Unkinking, Rechargeable Batteries, Pride, and a Good Friend

  1. I found a quiet moment when my whole body wasn't thrumming with anxiety. This is everything during times like these (February through early spring is difficult for me every year).
  2. The extra nasty mass of knots in my right shoulder is slowly unkinking, thanks to moving my desk back to its standing configuration.
  3. I invested in a few rechargeable batteries for my wireless keyboard and trackpad, and my wallet is very happy with this decision.
  4. I forget sometimes how much work I've done to craft a life I can live well and with pride, but I remembered again this morning, thankfully. I should probably tattoo this fact to forehead so I stop forgetting.
  5. Not one but two friends listened to some of my heartache today, and it helped me to keep remembering #4.

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