Grace in Small Things No. 967: Routine, Cookies, Long Drives, Podcasts, and Catching Up

  1. After more than two weeks of repetitive migraine-induced visual disturbances, sinus infection, the flu, and a family funeral 758 kilometres away, I am finally getting back into my more usual work routine. It's nice to be solidly back at my desk and not trying to publish newsletters from the highway with my laptop tethered to my phone in hopes of getting five minutes of solid internet access.
  2. My aunt packed up a bunch of cookies and other sweets from the funeral for my trip home. They have been a staple ever since.
  3. I spent at least 15 hours in two 7.5-hour blocks in the car with my cousin Lara, and we told each other so many secrets that we could destroy each other pretty neatly if we didn't love each other so much.
  4. I love all the podcasts that talk me through my workday, offering inspiration, guidance, and general education. 
  5. The taxing interruptions over the last two weeks caused me to fall behind in my #365poems project, but I'm nearly caught up now. Onward!

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