Grace in Small Things No. 944

 Apple wireless keyboard
  1. Our far-too-hot weather has given way to an unseasonably cool week, but I've decided that I'm happy about it. It's a relief not to be slick with sweat 24/7.
  2. Because of the colder weather, we hauled out our duvet, and there is nothing like snuggling down under the weight of duvet with cool air coming in through the window.
  3. I got this Apple wireless keyboard a little while ago, and I love it. I use it when I elevate my laptop on a box so I am not always hunched over to look down at the screen. It's identical to my MacBook Pro keyboard, so I don't have to alter my typing habits to work on it.
  4. I am thankful for the genius who invented the Flapjacks keyboard cover, because I have no self-control and am always eating at my computer. I have another cover on my main laptop keyboard also, and it saves the thing from all my crumbs and minor splashes and sneezes. It won't save you from an all-out liquid spill, because it is built to lift off easily for cleaning, but it keeps all the dust and food from building up under your keys.
  5. I ordered a few boring things like vitamins and soap on the internet, so I have small packages dribbling in all week. Even getting boring packages in the mail feels like little presents.

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