Grace in Small Things No. 942

Regina Folk Fest 2015 program
  1. We spent the weekend listening to great music at the Regina Folk Festival. (You can check out the incredible line-up here.)
  2. We are starting a road trip up to Waskesiu this morning, and it's a drive I love. We get to spend several hours watching the prairie shift to heavy pine forest, which is a place I don't get to see enough of.
  3. I spent the majority of my weekend outside. I have been deep into homebodiness lately, so this was a happy change.
  4. After months of getting no more than three or four hours of sleep a night, I have finally been sleeping at 7 to 10-hour stretches. It's restorative.
  5. I ate a halved grapefruit liberally sprinkled with brown sugar. I had forgotten what a pleasure that is.

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