Grace in Small Things No. 938

black cat sitting on a person on the couch in the morning sun

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  1. I haven't been sleeping well, but I'm learning to like early mornings. It turns out that my cat Oskar is his least anxious self at this time, and he and I sit together and take in the first sun of the day.
  2. Stereo sent Aidan a pile of great chocolate and stroopwafels from England, and I am now convinced that both Canada and the United States are doing chocolate wrong.
  3. The heavy heat has died down a bit so I can move around without pouring sweat out of every pore. 
  4. I leave for the #BlogHer15 conference in New York at 6 a.m. tomorrow, and I cannot wait. Getting to see so many people I love in a place like New York is brilliant.
  5. Getting out for a long walk after too many sedentary days means I get to feel the muscles in my legs stretch and pop.