Grace in Small Things No. 937 (572 + the first year's 365)

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  1. Aidan and I spent over 22 hours in cars and on buses over the last few days, and we survived with our humour intact.
  2. We attended a family wedding and got to see the loveliest couple get married. Some couples make you go hmm and hope for the best, but not these two.
  3. Our trip didn't give us much time to take in the Alberta badlands, but the few minutes we did get were wonderful.
  4. We stayed in a hotel for two nights! I love staying in hotels, even if they're a non-posh Motel 6.
  5. I hung out with my nephews, aged 2 and 3, and their hugs and kisses are soul food.

PS. I started Grace in Small Things back in October 2008, and I wrote a gratitude list every day over that first year. When I finished that first year, I started numbering my Grace in Small Things posts from 1 again, for some reason, but I am going to count all of them together from here on in. Why look like I've only written 572 when I've actually written 937?