Grace in Small Things No. 565

Sometimes, it's hard to feel gratitude. Over the years of my gratitude practice with Grace in Small Things, I've found that the times when I lack gratitude are a gauge of how out of alignment my priorities have become with my true values and goals. It's right when it is hardest to find gratitude that it's most important to dig into it, because, although making a practice of gratefulness might not send you the easy and distinct solutions you want, it will correct and guide your natural path.

This is not woo-woo, controlling-your-destiny stuff I'm blowing up your skirt. A regular exercise of gratitude is a practically applied search for meaning with a twist of joy.

And with that, here are some bits of my gratitude today:

  1. Hearts in the wild
  2. Saying "knock on wood" and not having to search for something that is actually made of wood
  3. A thick spread of lightly salted avocado on toast in place of butter
  4. Ordering pants online and finding that they are a perfect fit
  5. Putting a blanket through the dryer just so you can cuddle into its soft, sweet warmth

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