Grace in Small Things No. 560

I'm sitting on the couch trying to work despite this brand new cold I contracted, and I'm feeling hopeless about the weather, so it's time for a gratitude list, stat.

  1. It's technically spring, even if it doesn't look like it yet, so it's going to happen. I'm keeping the faith.
  2. Sipping hot tea under my comforter is just so comforting.
  3. I am still amazed that I live in a reality where I can call someone up on the phone, tell them to make me food, and then another person will drive it to my house. It's incredible that I can do this when I'm too sniffly to grocery shop.
  4.  Nutella smeared on bananas is a delicious breakfast, according to my sweet tooth.
  5. I like hearing the clack clack clack of the radiators on a cold morning.

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