Grace in Small Things No. 559: For the Love of Small Food

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  1. I could live with having all my meals delivered as a series of delicious, little amuse-bouches.
  2. Because it's getting close to Easter, the Cadbury Caramilk Eggs are out. I bought one, bit the end off, tipped it back, and drank in its liquid, sugary goodness. At this time of year, I don't care if sugar is evil.
  3. I just discovered mustard butter when Aidan made some. You should discover mustard butter.
  4. The crispy chip bits and salt dust that settle into the bottom of a bag of Lay's Wavy Originals is divine, especially if you dip your fingers in onion dip before scooping them up.
  5. I love the light sweetness of Mini Honey mandarin oranges.