Grace in Small Things No. 555

  1. Aidan brought me coffee and breakfast in bed this morning, which was a brilliant start to the weekend.
  2. I have had my Bissell Symphony, an all-in-one vacuum and steam mop, for a few weeks now, and I love it. I love it love it. It vacuums, it steams, and my whole house isn't covered in cat fur anymore. I don't how I lived with my hardwood floors before this thing came along.
  3. I finally cleaned all the accumulated junk and cat hair and garbage out of my dining room, and now I feel 67% more civilized.
  4. The weather took a crazy turn today, so I ended up having to trudge through knee-deep snow drifts on the sidewalk to get to the corner store, but it meant that snuggling up under blankets at home afterward felt that much more snuggly.
  5. I've decided that I need to start reading books more often, so I have put four on order as I write this: Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City, Tim Winton's Dirt Music, Alan W. Watts' The Wisdom of Insecurity, and David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.

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