Grace in Small Things No. 552

  1. The days are already noticeably longer, and I can feel the hope welling up inside me.
  2. I survived Christmas. A lot of people love this particular holiday, but it has always been stressful for me, so I am glad to see it go.
  3. I ordered myself an exercise bike. This is a big step for me, both because winter is long and hard on my spirit and because I have never been interested in joining a gym or taking up running. My new rule is going to be that when I take a break from working to watch tv, I have to do it from my exercise bike. See that hopefulness in action?
  4. I have a small assortment of rich and delicious specialty cheeses in my refrigerator. Enough said.
  5. I've had swollen glands and infected sinuses for a couple of weeks, so I started a round of eating cloves of raw garlic over the last few days, and it's finally triumphing over the infection. It's so good to feel a bit better and be able to avoid taking antibiotics. 2015 just started, and I'm already winning!

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