Grace in Small Things No. 548

  1. My stress reaction to flying on a prop plane has shifted from cold sweats and hyperventilation to passing out into a deep sleep. I like this kind of panic.
  2. I took a weekend-ish trip (Saturday to Tuesday) to Edmonton to visit with Jen and her family, and they fed and housed me so well that my pants don't fit.
  3. Onion threw himself into a tub full of water, and then managed to drip all over my laptop keyboard as he streaked around the house. The water destroyed the touch pad, which I probably use more than the keyboard, but I found a wifi keyboard with a touch pad that I can connect to my laptop, so all is not lost.
  4. I own two beautiful colouring books now.
  5. I finally found my perfect carry-on suitcase, and I keep fawning over it like I have a new pet.

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