Grace in Small Things No. 547

  1. I spoke about social media at the CARFAC Sask 2014 Symposium in Saskatoon this weekend, and they were lovely to me. Thank you so much, CARFAC-ians!
  2. Even though I have a terrible fear of highway travel, my bus made it to Saskatoon and back with me alive inside it.
  3. It took me 41 years on this earth, but I finally found earmuffs that I love. You think the answer to your prayers will be more profound, but then you find it at Safeway in the cheese aisle.
  4. Aidan and I watched The Guest, and it was brilliant, cheezy horror fun.
  5. I ate at d'Lish by Tish Cafe, and they had a broccoli cheddar soup that tasted almost exactly like the late Emily's Jazz Cafe's did back in the day. I momentarily felt whole again.

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