Grace in Small Things No. 544: The BlissDom Canada Conference Hotel Room Edition

This is the view from my nap position on a hotel couch in Mississauga, Ontario.

  1. I love arriving early to what will be a busy speaking engagement and conference — in this case it's BlissDom Canada — and then taking several hours to quite literally stretch myself across every piece of furniture in my hotel room like a cat lazily claiming their territory.
  2. I feel clean and sweet just looking at the tidy row of miniature shampoo and cream bottles lined up on the bathroom shelf.
  3. Having a hot shower, wrapping myself in a fluffy robe that doesn't have cat hair on it, and eating room service dessert at midnight is a decadence I never squander.
  4. Overheard conversations covertly scribbled next to my plate in the hotel restaurant make great fodder for poetry when I have a quiet moment.
  5. I like to trace the lines of another city's skyline with my eyes when it is lit up at night and the distant traffic moves muffled below.

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