Grace in Small Things No. 538

  1. My kitty, Onion, truly takes care of me. He's a natural therapy cat. He sees signs of exhaustion and insists on naps, pushing me to take care of myself and monitor my stress levels.
  2. We've headed into the most beautiful end of summer when mid-August edges us toward cooler evenings and long golden light. If I could choose a season to live in every day of my life, it would be this one.
  3. I forgot how much better I felt when I was eating more fruits and vegetables every day, so I've started again. It doesn't take much sometimes to start to like your body a bit more.
  4. I finally got to see the Indigo Girls live, and it was brilliant.
  5. I discovered that taking a calcium and magnesium before bed means that I actually sleep well through the night most nights! This is incredible, because I have not slept this well since I was a child.

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