Grace in Small Things No. 536

  1. It is a rare bit of decadence to sleep in really late on a Saturday, but both Aidan and I managed to do that over the weekend.
  2. I found another pair of my favourite shoes to replace the ones my cat destroyed, and my feet are happy.
  3. We share a balcony with the apartment next door, and my neighbour grows a lovely container garden there, which I have the pleasure of sitting in while I work in the afternoon.
  4. I'm gearing up to speak at the BlogHer '14 conference, and I feel so blessed to be able to go and hang out with friends I rarely get to see in person.
  5. The Regina Fringe Festival starts on July 9th, and I am going to several shows while it's here. I get to see great live theatre and directly support the artists all at once.

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