Grace in Small Things No. 530

  1. The little grocery store near my house was out of everything but these tiny, gluten-free loaves of bread. My disappointment has been assuaged by the cuteness of tiny toast.
  2. I'm not usually much into lip gloss, being more of a chapstick person, and this isn't a paid endorsement, but this almay color + care liquid lip balm is grand for those of us who need help with dry lips but want to be occasionally fancy. May it never be discontinued.
  3. The sun is peeping through my blinds, and the weather is supposed to be warm by the weekend, so I am basking and hopeful.
  4. I heart Regina Cat Rescue, because they save the kitties I'm not allowed to hoard in my home.
  5. I've been binge-watching "New Girl" on Netflix, and I want it to continue forever.

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