Grace in Small Things No. 1000! Here's to 8 Years and 5000 Gratitudes.

  Zachari Logan  reading his poetry at  Slate Gallery

Zachari Logan reading his poetry at Slate Gallery

  1. I stumbled across some poetry in the wild on Saturday when I found Zachari Logan reading his at Slate Gallery.
  2. I know I exclaimed last week about how great the fall weather has been, but it has continued to be incredible — sunny days and warm, t-shirt weather — and it's exactly how I wish the weather were all year round.
  3. Aidan created a new favourite dish of mine: bison goulash. It's the kind of thing I could live on all winter.
  4. I replaced my old, grubby computer bag for a rather nice and more professional looking briefcase, and now I just want to march around with it everywhere looking like I'm on official business.
  5. This is my 1000th Grace in Small Things post! When I started this back in 2008, I never thought I would a) hit 1000 lists of five gratitudes each and b) continue doing it for eight years running. Here's to 5000 more!

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