Grace in Small Things No. 984: Wearing Colour, Moose Jaw Pride, Exercise, Pumpernickel, and Nonviolence

  1. I branched into wearing a little more colour over the weekend. I basically colour-shifted a Christmas theme, but it was colour.
  2. I was a celebrity judge at the Moose Jaw Pride Drag Race, and it was so much fun. I already want to start pestering them to let me do it again next year.
  3. Last week was a tough week and I didn't exercise much, so getting back on the exercise bike this morning felt so good.
  4. We picked up some pumpernickel bread out of curiosity, because neither Aidan nor I had ever had it before, and it's delicious. I could live on turkey sandwiches made with it.
  5. One of the cats chose my favourite silk skirt to have a toxic diarrhea episode on, and I did not kill him. That's a gratitude both he and I can share.

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