Grace in Small Things 1061: Coffee, Warmer Weather, Baking, Deeper Sleep, and Facebook Notification Settings on Individual Posts

  1. I've rediscovered the joy of coffee. I was on a tea kick for a long time after coffee started to disagree with me, but I figured out that it was the cream and sugar my body didn't like, not the coffee. Now I'm into black coffee like it's an old lover magically reborn minus its annoying habits.
  2. The run of -40° days has broken. It's only -3°C/27°F today!
  3. I am so thrilled that somebody invented baking. It's deeply therapeutic to create things I can physically enjoy and share with others.
  4. I used to be annoyed by sleep when I was younger — it seemed like such a waste of our precious time — but now I am so grateful whenever I manage a full eight hours. Deep, long sleep is healing.
  5. You can turn off notifications on individual posts on Facebook. Is an inane, fact-free argument getting you down? You can just turn that volume down to zero. Aaahhhhh.

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