Grace in Small Things 1060: Another Birthday, a Quiet New Year's Eve, Learning, Biscuits, and a Strong Heart

Aidan  at my birthday supper

Aidan at my birthday supper

  1. I had another birthday! I never even told Aidan this until recently, but I had this weird, baseless idea for years that I might die at a certain age, and then I didn't. Every birthday since feels like a happy surprise.
  2. We saw in the new year quietly at home last night. It's my favourite way to do it. 
  3. I have worked primarily on Squarespace-based websites for the last five years, but I'm digging back into WordPress to stretch my brain and creativity, and I'm enjoying the challenge.
  4. Homemade rosemary and black pepper biscuits are delicious.
  5. I don't feel mired in cynicism or bitterness like I did at times throughout 2017. My heart is deep and strong. I am ready to dedicate myself to the things I love.

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