Grace in Small Things 1059: Reading Aloud, Being Low Key, Pizza and New Wave, My Grandma, and Driving with Aidan

  1. Aidan read aloud to me from Steven Seagal's terrifically bad novel The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America. It was terrifically entertaining.
  2. This Christmas has been the quietest and most low key Christmas of my entire life, if you don't count that one year when we stayed home and Aidan spent the whole time throwing up.
  3. We spent time with some old and new friends while eating pizza and listening to over six hours of early 1980s new wave music on Christmas Eve. It was a surprisingly perfect way to do things.
  4. I also spent time chatting with my 90-year-old grandma, who kindly looked at pictures of my kitties.
  5. I have so far driven for hours on end across Saskatchewan's frozen moonscape with Aidan riding shotgun, and it is one of my favourite things ever.

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