Grace in Small Things 1057: A Hidey Hole, Lentils, Deep Talks, Eavesdropping, and New Yoga Pants

  1. I gave my kitties a new little hidey hole in the bookshelves, and they love it.
  2. Aidan has taken to cooking up pans of lentils with garlic and chicken stock, and it turns out that they make a way better snack food than my usual greasy popcorn or tortilla chips.
  3. I've been having more deep talks with friends than I have in a very long time, and it's truly centering. 
  4. Eavesdropping on an older couple's first date gave me a little window into some solid sweetness. They flirted and giggled, made plans to meet again, and had the cutest, shyest hug when they parted ways.
  5. Fresh, new yoga pants!

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